My name is Mischa Lamping, I’m 25 years old and live in Amsterdam. I grew up in Oudkarspel, a small village near Alkmaar. After High School my dream turned into reality when I was admitted to the Dutch Film Academy. In July 2018 I graduated my Editing-study there and started as an Freelance Editor. Last year I worked on various productions for television and the cinema.

25 years ago I was born in the Amsterdam Medical Center, 10 weeks too early. Directly after my birth it turned out I suffered from NEC, a very common bowel disease for premature children. I needed several operations and a stoma, but after 3 months on the Neonatology facility I was finally allowed to go home, a huge relief for my parents. The Emma Children’s hospital and her doctors are the reason I’m still alive. Unfortunately, not every child is this fortuned and that’s why I want to do something in return.


From February till April 2020 I will cycle from the most southern to the most northern point of Japan, 2500 km in total. And you’re able to join me! Every other day I will upload a video featuring not only my journey, but also information about the places I will visit, interviews and much more.


‘Mischa through Japan’ is a fundraiser for the charity ‘Support Emma Children’s Hospital’. The Emma Children’s Hospital is situated in the Amsterdam Medical Center. This charity provides services for children and parents, mental care and scientific research. These services will make the children develop further and learn about there own disease.

Right now their biggest project is a newly built Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the facility where I also stayed 25 years ago. After the renovation all the children will have their own room, which will result in more peace and tranquillity for both the baby and it’s parents. It will make the unit one of the best and most advanced in whole Europe. An extremely important step for every sick and premature child in the Netherlands.