From Tokyo I will travel to the most southern island Kyushu to pick up my bicycle in the city of Kagoshima. From there I will leave for Cape Sata, Japan’s most southern point. Kyushu is the third biggest of Japan’s four big islands. Because of the subtropical climate and vulcanic activity it’s the perfect place for agriculture. Rice, soy, tea, tabacco and sweet potatoes are some of the local products.

Starting around the end of February I will cycle from Cape Sata to cross the southern part of Kyushu. In the first couple of days I will visit several places, such as: Minamiosumi, Kushima, Miyazaki, Nobeoka and Usuki. In Usuki I will take the ferry to the next island: Shikoku.


One of the things Shikoku is most famous for, is the ’88 Temple Pilgrimage’. A 1400 km long pilgrimage which crosses the entire island and where you visit 88 temples, as the name already suggests. When it comes to food, Shikoku is the best place in Japan to eat udon noodles. The climate on the island also makes it the perfect place for citrus fruits, such as the Yuzu and the Mikan. Unfortunately Shikoku will only be my home for about 4 days. The first part of my trip will end in the harbourcity of Imabari, the starting point of the famed Shiminami Kaido.