From Imabari the second part of my journey will start. To kick this off, I will have to cross the Inland Sea of Japan, the Seto Naikai. This sea lies in between three of Japan’s four big islands; Kyushu, Shikoku and the biggest Honshu. This is why a lot of big cities (Hiroshima, Osaka and Kobe) have their harbours in this sea. It makes sense that Kobe and Osaka grew out to be worldfamous port cities.

At this point the route will have covered two of Japan’s big islands, but the biggest challenge is yet to come. The longest part of the trip will be on Honshu. During part II of the journey  I will visit places like: Onomichi, Okayama and Ako to end in Akashi. From here on out a more familiar road lies ahead. Two years ago I was lucky enough to have already visited Okayama. I also already cycled the Shiminami Kaido, one of the seeds for this enormous adventure.


Everybody who checked out lists about the most beautiful cyclingroutes in the world, would certainly have heard about the Shiminami Kaido. Without a doubt this is Japan’s most famed and breathtaking rides. This 80 km long route starts  in Imabari, Shikoku and ends in Onomichi, Honshu, or the other way around. During the Shiminami Kaido you will pass over six small islands with inbetween imposing bridges. One of which is the Kurushima-kaikyō, the world’s longest suspension bridge structure. Even if you are not an avid cyclist yourself, this still would be one of my biggest recommendations in Japan. I can’t wait to experience it again.