Honshu; the longest and biggest island I will have to cover. Almost all the well-known cities lie on Honshu, and this in a relative small distance from eachother. Most tourists will stay in between Hiroshima and Tokyo, with Kyoto, Nara and Osaka in between those two cities. Honshu alone makes up 60 percent of Japan’s surface, with a length of almost 1300 km. It also has Japan’s highest point: the legendary vulcano Mt. Fuji. After Kyoto the route will take me to lake Biwa (see the map above). With a length of 64 km, this is Japan’s biggest lake.

 During this stage I will change in the Inland Sea of Japan for the Sea of Japan, also called East Sea. Cities I will probably cross are: Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Shiga and Tsuruga. This is not set in stone though, because this is the only part of the route where I can skip some places. For example, Nara is not directly on route, but it is a place I would like to show you during my videos.


1,5 years later. Back in the same places. Nara. Kyoto. Osaka. A lot of memories. A lot of wonderful memories. During the summer of 2018 I visited Japan for six weeks together with two of my closest friends. Without a doubt an adventure I will never forget, many amazing experiences. Will these memories give me a boost or break me? Almost halfway there, this will be a crucial part of my journey. We shall see…