The Northern island of Hokkaido will be the last challenge. As I mentioned on the previous page, Hokkaido is getting more and more popular for younger tourists. A perfect place to get away from mass tourism. Another reason are the many National parks. In winter, a lot of Japanese people travel to Hokkaido for winter sports. When I start my journey in southern Japan, there will still be a lot of snow in Hokkaido. Let’s just hope this will all be gone by the time I arrive, otherwise there will be some cold nights ahead in my little tent.

Unfortunately I will have to skip Hokkaido’s biggest city Sapporo, although I might be able to see it from a distance. Places I will visit are: Hakodate, Yakumo, Iwanai, Otaru, Mashike, Teshio and Wakkanai (a small town famous for Cape Soya).


Am I going to make it? In the last 7 days I will have to ride 590 kilometres to make it to the finish. At least, that’s the case if everything will go as planned. Maybe I’ll be faster than expected, which will make the final sprint less heavy. But maybe things didn’t go as planned… well, let’s not think about that. Either way, the journey ends here. Hopefully at Japan’s most northern point: Cape Soya. With Russia in sight. This will also conclude the fundraiser for the Emma Children’s Hospital. With your help this will be a magical moment for the Hospital, for you and of course for me personally.